The Town

Our history

hodosHodos in the early middle ages was in the possession of Pozsony County. From the fifteenth century it was listed as a noble community in the contemporary sources. In the certificates from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries it was listed as the possession of Pozsony County.

A certain certificate from the year 1473 mentions nobles from Hodos as the lords of the territory. A well-known possessor was Peter Vermes at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1828 Lajos Nagy drew up a list of 49 houses and 286 inhabitants.hodos

In 1884 the village burned to ashes. In 1851 Hodos was a Hungarian village, on the west from Dunaszerdahely. There were living 379 Catholics, 485 Protestants and 26 Jews.

villageA few nobles acted as the landlord.Parts of the territory are the farms Bödöri, Csiba, Czucz, Szigeti, Vermes and Völgyháti. The people from Hodos often traded their products in Dunaszerdahely. In time more and more inhabitants of Hodos became parts of noble families and they became known as nobilitares curiales. Since 1848 the official name of Hodos has been Nemeshodos.